Below are the most commonly asked questions about High Impact Social's services & apps.


1.  How many social media accounts can be managed with your services and software?

Four: Facebook (Groups & Pages included), Pinterest, Twitter, & LinkedIn.  If you are listed in Google Places you can manage your Google account with our software as well.

2.  How many reputation accounts can be managed with your services and software?

Four: Facebooks Pages, Google Places, Yelp, & Foursquare.

3.  Who owns the content posted to my account?

You do.

4. Can I add things to my scheduled content?

Yes, you can add messages, hashtags, multiple photos, & video.

5. Is there a limit to the amount of content that I can post?

No, and you can also schedule content several months in advance. You can even schedule a post to 'repeat'.

6. How will I know if someone has posted a review about my business?

Via email alerts.

7. Do I receive consultations with my service subscription?

Yes, you recieve one free hour of consultation time via phone or email each month.

8. Do I receive any training for your software?

Yes, you get 1 free hour of training after your login has been set up. You can also access our tutorials from within the software's dashboard.

9. How do I access the software?

      Click the login button in the upper right corner and enter your login credentials.

10. How do I sign up?

Call or email us and we will forward our signup forms to you. You can complete and return them to us via email or snail mail.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, we only accept checks and check drafts.

12. What is the turnaround time for account set ups & activation?

For, our software a day or two.  For our services, around 3 days, possible a little longer, if you are having content designed or are setting up our premier services. 

13. How do I cancel?

Canceling our services or software is easy.  Just call us and let us know. We will immediately delete your account. 

14. Will I be charged a penalty for cancelling my service?

No, your account is invoiced from month to month.  If you cancel, we will give you a pro rated refund.

15. What is your address?

P.O. Box 55063

Birmingham, AL 35255